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Palibrio's Book Publishing Services

Select from Palibrio's comprehensive range of Self-Publishing Packages, specially tailored to allow you to create the book that you envision. Each one provides a unique blend of publishing, editorial, and marketing services that customizes your publishing experience.

Black & White Book Publishing

Palibrio's Black & White Book Publishing Services provide the perfect medium for tales of fiction, non-fictional accounts, memoirs, poetry or virtually any other genre you can imagine. Select from our collection of comprehensive Self-Publishing Packages, each providing a unique blend of publishing, editorial and marketing services assuring you a truly customized publishing experience.

Our Black & White Publishing Services ensure your book will be available in quality paperback, hardback and custom-made leather bound tomes, featuring a full-color cover, grayscale interior and perfect binding.

Palibrio will help you become your own publisher. You keep all the rights to your work. You write and edit your book and we will complete the cover and interior design, list your book with the industry's largest distributors and online stores, print-on-demand as orders come in, and pay you royalties on every sale.

Full-Color Book Publishing

Choose the world's most affordable and convenient path to the finest digital color publication available. Delight readers and booksellers worldwide with a beautiful full-color interpretation of your imagination. Palibrio will help you publish a near infinite range of picture book options, from children's books to cookbooks, family photo albums to corporate materials, graphic novels to catalogues, the list of ideas is endless.

We also provide you with a range of additional services to allow you even more flexibility. Our professional publishing consultants are available for a free consultation to help you decide which of our collection of Full-color Publishing Packages is perfect for you. Not only will you convey the right message to your readers, you will earn royalties doing it too.

Specialty Publishing Packages

Palibrio's Specialty Publishing Packages are perfect for writers wanting to bring a unique feel to their genre. Choose the Specialty Publishing Package that best describes your genre and we will tailor a customized self-publishing experience to produce your book in either classic black & white or dazzling full-color.